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Cosmic Fund Drive


What is the Cosmic Fund?

Keeping with the spirit of Montessori’s Cosmic Education philosophy, MMA’s annual Cosmic Fund drive is a way for us, as individuals, to work as a whole to enhance our children’s education experience.

Three-period lesson in 100% participation!!

Okay, so it’s more of a three-legged stool that supports our great community. We’re asking for 100% participation from our Board, Staff, and Families. Our pink towers are looking a bit pale – help us add some color with your donations!

How can I donate?

No amount is too small – everyone can make a difference to our great school!

  • Website: Donate directly from our website
  • Cash or check: Send in cash or a check made out to: Magnolia Montessori Academy. Please send money in a labeled envelope for your child to hand to their teacher. If you have multiple siblings at MMA, we will divide your donation evenly between their classes so you only have to donate once.

The first classroom to achieve 100% participation from its families will win a pizza party! With every donation of $50 or more, you’ll receive a FREE Magnolia Montessori Academy car magnet! With the donation of $100 or more you get the magnet and your choice of a cooler bag or blanket.

Why do we need a fund drive?

State funds and preschool tuition pay for the operating costs of the school, such as salaries, rent, utilities, and classroom inventory and supplies. Your donations help us to expand the programs and services we offer the children of our great community.

In the past, donations have helped provide:

expanded Lego equipmentpink_bulletscience labpink_bulletfencepink_bulletwarming oven for hot lunchespink_bulletsoccer goalspink_bulletswingspink_bulletart suppliespink_bulletsignpink_bulletPE equipmentpink_bulletclimbing gympink_bulletin-house field trips (reptile show, fossils)pink_bulletgardening suppliespink_bulletwater fountains for classroomspink_bulletbookspink_bulletMontessori materials
This year all of our Cosmic fund will go for school security, like police presence, fencing and other safety measures.  Help keep our children safe!
Image showing board, family, and staff goals of Cosmic Fund Drive